Cause of Insecure Attachment Between Parents and Babies.

The attachment between babies and the mother or the father is most important during the first few years when the baby is born, this is the period that the parents and the baby connect. The baby will start realizing the mother when the mother calls or if she is nearby, the baby will also experience being secure if one or both parents are around, and he or she may start crying if one or both parents are not within reach. If one or both parents are missing in most of the time when the baby is growing, the baby can have an insecure attachment.
Insecure attachment can be caused by the separation from the caregiver or the parents, the baby may fall sick and could require special attention in the hospital, this will mean that the parents can no longer be there for their baby as many times as they should, because the hospital staff or the nurses are the one taking care of the baby until he or she feels better. Click insecure attachment in infants to read more about Human Needs. During this time the baby may have an insecure attachment towards its mother, this is because the mother was absent in looking after him or her while was in the hospital.
The inexperienced mother can make the bay develop insecure attachment, this may be as a result of giving birth when the mother is very young. The mother may not have been ready to welcome the baby in this world, and thus she may be neglecting the baby as she could feel as if the baby is taking all of her time. Visit 100 compliments to learn more about Human Needs. This can also happen when the mother is older and she has many other roles to play thus neglecting the baby to appoint that the baby develops insecure attachment towards the mother.
The inconsistency of the primary giver can also bring about the insecure attachment between the baby and the mother, the mother could be working in a busy organization that forces her to spend most of the time in the office. This means that the mother will have to employ a nanny to take care of the baby during the day, the mother coming from work will be so tired to give the baby the required baby attention, and this makes the baby develop insecure attachment over a period of time,the more the nanny keeps taking care of the baby the more the insecure attachment grow. Learn more from